Parenting a child with a health condition is not a life sentence.

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Empowering parents of children with genetic conditions to navigate their journey feeling joyful, confident, and fulfilled.

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The first thing you have to understand about parenting a child with special needs?

You’re not alone

The journey forward can be overwhelming. At times, your challenges seem like a strong wave, threatening to knock you off balance, to give up…

The love of your child compels you to stand strong, and you do… However, the journey takes its toll — exhaustion and burnout set in… You go through:

The constant cycle of stress, worry, and exhaustion

Overwhelming feelings of guilt, shame, and anger…

Unwanted attention from judgmental busybodies…

Relationship issues with spouses and other children…

Lack of productivity at work…

Difficulty sleeping and other mental and physical problems…

And more...

One of the biggest issues is the all-consuming feeling that your life has been stripped of joy, fulfillment, and purpose. You begin to ask yourself:

Aren't I expected to set aside my own needs and goals, dedicating myself entirely to my child? Shouldn't my focus solely revolve around ensuring my child's life runs as smoothly as possible? What about MY own needs?

In those weary moments, it's easy to start believing there's no way out, no respite.

BUT, there is.

About Me

Hi! I am Dr. Shohreh Asghari

I am a Medical Geneticist, MD, Ph.D., a certified trauma-informed coach, and the founder of Helix Mind. BUT more than titles, I'm on a heartfelt mission to light up the lives of families with genetic conditions.

Throughout my journey as a medical geneticist spanning over a decade, my career has been a heartfelt dedication to closely serving patients with genetic conditions. However, it's not only the clinical aspect of my role that has left a lasting imprint on my heart. I've forged meaningful connections—beyond the conventional doctor-patient relationship—with my patients and their families. It's in these bonds that I've glimpsed the raw beauty of your resilience during unparalleled challenges of your unique journey.

I've been by your side, witnessing your challenges— Navigating the long and intricate path of diagnosis and treatment, the weight of substantial medical bills, facing ignorance from others, dealing with school issues, the relentless effort to maintain a balance between work and home, worrying about an uncertain future, and coping with the ongoing physical challenges your loved one goes through. On top of all this, there's the strain on parents' mental and emotional health, and physical well-being.

As a physician mom of two, I get the struggle of juggling work, parenting, self-care, and personal aspiration. I know how it’s easy to forget oneself and focus solely on the needs of our children. So, my work experiences, coupled with my deep emotions as a mom, sparked a passion within me to expand my role beyond the confines of traditional medicine.

It was a calling to do more, to help and support families who are going through a health challenge, to offer you not just survival but the chance to thrive, to guide you how to deal with stress, uncertainty, and fear, and most importantly, to find unbridled joy, purpose, and fulfillment in your life.

What other parents like you say

“Coaching with Dr. Shohreh was an empowering, eye opening, and enjoyable experience. Dr. Shohreh is a wonderful physician coach! She coaches excellently with so much passion, kindness, empathy, and wisdom.

As a mother of a child with a genetic disease and physical disabilities, I was feeling guilty, stressed, and burntout. I had neglected myself and become depleted and depressed. Dr. Shohreh was my angel when I had no hope for the future.

 Through the weeks of coaching with her, my self-worth and confidence grew significantly. She not only taught me how to prioritize my needs without feeling guilty, but helped me become a better and more confident parent.

I can’t say enough how peaceful and calm and at the same time more productive and energetic I have become. My headache episodes have decreased, I sleep better, and I am more present with my family. I wish every special-needs caregiver could have this experience."

Clara R., Teacher

“Shohreh really helped my wife and I keep it together when things were crazy. She is extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, warm, and a true expert in her field. She helped us get aware of our limiting thoughts that were preventing us from being present for ourselves and for each other. We have been able to manage our anxiety and fears and create more joy and peace, what we did not believe was possible before.

Shohreh also helped us accept our daughter’s issues and our new life. We are moving in a new positive direction which is so encouraging and exciting.

Dear Shohreh, we would love to thank you for all your help, support, and work with our family. "

Dr. John B. MD, Dr. Emily B., MD

“As a special needs mom, I believed that I was destined to have a hard and stressful life... Working with Dr. Shohreh, helped me gain so much confidence, clarity, and energy. I’ve learned how to manage my emotions and even feel better during the tough times.

I have been experiencing true joy and happiness for the first time since my child diagnosis… I gained so much more in just 6 weeks than in the previous full year of therapy.

Dr. Shohreh is so compassionate, supportive, knowledgeable, and amazing to work with. My family and I, especially my son, are so grateful to find her. Thank you so much Dr. Shohreh. You were truly an angel sent to us.”

Amy T., Home Schooling Mom

Work with Me

Let’s start the journey of joy and empowerment together!

I am driven by the belief that every special need parent deserves a strong support system, a compassionate companion, and a true ally who deeply cares.

I also believe that when parents embrace moments of joy, replenish their energy, and prioritize self-care, they enhance their ability to be fully present for their special need loved one.

Imagine waking up every morning with confidence, knowing that you're creating the best possible life for both yourself and your family.

Imagine a life where you could:

  • Parent your loved one with confidence and joy
  • Let go of guilt, shame, worry, anger, and overwhelming self-expectations
  • Regain focus and boost productivity at work and home
  • Navigate tough times with a clear mind and regulated emotions
  • Enhance your relationships, including your marriage
  • Enjoy better sleep and increased energy
  • Carve out more time for yourself while excelling as a caregiver
  • Rediscover genuine joy and happiness in your life

Living such a life is not just a dream—it's a reality waiting for YOU.

As a physician and professional coach, I’ve helped so many parents and caregivers in your exact situation end the vicious cycle of stress, fear, and burnout, regain their joy and energy again, and live a better life.

I'd love to extend the same support to you.

At Helix Mind, I'm not your typical 'Parenting Coach,' and this isn't just another source of 'Parenting Tips.' Instead, I offer a holistic approach where YOU, as a parent, take center stage in your transformation.

Together, we navigate life's challenges, shedding the heavy weight of stress and worry, celebrate your successes, and most importantly, we'll chart a course toward a life filled with pure joy, unwavering purpose, and boundless fulfillment.

I help you rediscover your goals, dreams, and authentic self so you not only can thrive as a parent but also embrace the unique individual YOU are, enjoying life to the fullest.

Ready to live a better life?

I Got You

1:1 Coaching

A 2-month program of weekly private coaching with me on Zoom. This is going to be a safe and confidential, personalized call where you can share your stories and challenges without judgment.

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Parenting a child with disabilities is never going to be easy... But the stress doesn't have to consume your life

Imagine facing each day with inspiration and excitement, knowing that it can be full of fun, joy, and endless possibilities, all without sacrificing anyone’s needs including YOUR own.

Kickstart your journey with 1-on-1 Coaching, and mark my words—your life is about to transform in ways you never thought possible.

If you’re ready to take the leap, let’s talk. I’d love to hear your story and explore the incredible possibilities that await you.